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    Robban Assafina - Media Kit 2023

    Robban Assafina, the unique maritime MENA publication, website, and smart phones’ application, is a regional intensive maritime media services developed side by side with training courses/workshops in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region, with a specialized crew of maritime experts, masters & engineers, who focus directly on shipping, shipbuilding, ships, ports, offshore, and everything related to the world of marine navigation, communication and machineries.

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    Robban Assafina Magazine - Digital Copy July/ Aug. 2022

    Robban Assafina is proud to announce that the new July/ Aug. issue 2022 is out. - Issue 80 covers the market trends of the ballast water treatment systems, installation procedures and their impact on the environment. - Wouter Deknopper, Vice President & General Manager, Maritime Line of Business at Iridium Communications, shares his views on a better “connected maritime world”. - In this Edition’s case, Robban Assafina lists safety lessons learned from an armed piracy attack incident onboard a tanker waiting for berth. - This issue highlights seafarers’ concerns as new data reveals striking numbers of abandoned sailors stuck at sea.

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    Robban Assafina Magazine - Digital Copy May./June 2022

    Robban Assafina is proud to announce that the new May/June issue 2022 is out. The new edition covers the latest updates in the maritime, shipping & offshore world: - A Green Shipping Strategy in Depth: Sallaum Lines shares its 2050 vision of a zero emission future - Nicolai Vinther Friis, Managing Director Svitzer AMEA, highlights Svitzer’s fruitful journey to develop the Egyptian society and maritime sector - Join Robban Assafina as we gather insights from maritime training experts of maritime simulators as they shape future an advanced training future - This edition’s case discusses the details of breaching a contract

  • Robban Assafina, is the leading Middle Eastern specialized Shipping, Ships, Offshore and Marine Technology Magazine, Website, and Smart Phones’ Application.